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Sam Shipe

Sam Shipe, Opinion Editor

My name is Sam, and I am in one word different. I'm into everything geeky and nerdy. I am also very into my music. I love performing in every way possible from Royalaires to screaming for a mosh pit. I write my own songs in varying genres, but also tend to lean towards alternative. I make it a point to listen to every genre even though I like some more than others. I taught myself guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, and harmonica. I got into Harbinger because I love to write and make videos, and I want to be a strong opinion writer. I wanted to do opinion stories because not only do I like voicing my opinion, but I love hearing the opinions of others. I love writing about the things I show passion for so that is a goal of mine here. I hope you enjoy the products of my labor and creativity.

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