The Harbinger

Forty eight ZCHS students of all grades were interviewed on what they remembered from their past.

Blast From the Past

A look back to some of the greatest childhood memories.
By Mary Demarco, Staff February 20, 2020

When thinking of childhood, most think of the fun games and culture of the time. They think of the songs during the early 2000s and the fun toys they saw on Disney Channel commercials. They think of playing...

A Guide to Mindfulness

By Gretchen Drews, Staff February 12, 2020

Have you been feeling stressed lately? Has homework or friendships been just too much for you recently? Do you need something to just escape from life for a couple seconds? Practicing mindfulness every...

Band Practice

Major Reflection

By Joshua Nieman, Staff November 1, 2019

Since the marching season has come to a bitter-sweet conclusion the time for reflection has come. The Marching Eagles have articulated their way through the competition, no doubt, but what absolutely cannot...

Photo provided by Makenna Hoftiezer. The Choralaires celebrate their win at the Pike Music Fest competition.

An Undefeated Season

By Anna Murphy , Sports Editor April 10, 2019

The girls step out on stage eagerly waiting to hear the final decisions from the judges. Huddled together, they listen with excitement hoping to hear their name called. And, finally, they all celebrate...

Zionsville Model United Nations club watches a presentation during their trip to Chicago. Photo provided by Brenna Ackert.

Model Citizens

By Kylie Heagy, Opinion Editor March 21, 2019

At first glance, the Model United Nations club is a bit confusing. For the average student who knows absolutely nothing about the United Nations or the way it works, the concept can be difficult to grasp....

The Awakening

By Grace Gogis, Staff February 26, 2019

Maybe you attended it yourself or maybe you’ve just scrolled through the overwhelming amount of related Instagram posts, but you’ve certainly been living under a rock if you haven’t heard about...

A Different Side of Music

By Kylie Heagy, Opinion Editor February 11, 2019

The students of ZCHS are no strangers to possessing musical talent. Our bands and show choirs put on professional-grade concerts, and individual students have started their own musical careers. But, outside...

Combo Rehearsal

By Grace Gogis, Staff February 7, 2019

Sadie’s Switch-Up

By Grace Gogis, Staff February 7, 2019

Every January, ZCHS students get geared up for the biggest school event of the winter: Sadie’s. Known as the school’s “girls ask” dance, this dance has always been a fun way to flip conventional...

Mr. Zionsville – Tyler Benson

By Ruth Cronin, News Editor January 29, 2019

Every year boys from the ZCHS senior class perform a talent show, competing for the title of Mr. Zionsville. This year, the winning act, and senior to take home the title of Mr. Zionsville, was Tyler Benson. “My...

Elizabeth Arnold, 9, laces her pointe shoes.
Photo by Kylie Heagy

On Pointe

By Kylie Heagy, Opinion Editor January 22, 2019

     In the wings of the Monon Center stage, there is an almost tangible excitement. Ballerinas in pointe shoes and tutus wait anxiously to begin the run through of their upcoming show. This is the...

Mr. Z 2019

Mr. Z 2019

By Josie Hughes, Social Editor December 29, 2018

     It’s almost time for another iconic performance of the Mr. Zionsville production. In case you haven't heard or seen in the past, Mr. Z is a huge production that brings in thousands of dollars...

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