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Rugby: A Sport Like No Other

By Tyler Gutwein, Staff

February 11, 2020

For first time viewers of rugby, it may seem complicated and crazy that men would be willing to hit each other repeatedly with minimal protection. Brain meets brawn in a clash of size and speed. It may look like a mix of soccer and football and there is a good reason for that. Rugby was created at Rugby...

Varsity Football Oct. 11

Gus Hartwig, senior, blocks multiple defenders during a play where Sophomore Colin Price runs the ball down the field.

By Logan Seiler, Staff

November 12, 2019

Boys Tennis Postseason Ends at State

Boys Tennis Postseason Ends at State

By Henry Holloway, Staff

October 24, 2019

This year has been nothing but an exceptional one for the Zionsville Boys Tennis Team. As the season for the team as a whole came to a close at state finals on Friday, Oct. 18, the team had a great deal to be proud of and to look forward to in coming years. Competing at Semi state at Center Grove High...

Boys Volleyball

April 10, 2019

A sport here at ZCHS that is often overlooked, boys volleyball, is off to a great season. Some people assume the mens volleyball team is one of Zionsville’s intermural sports, however they are a competitive team currently ranked fourth in Indiana. “This season has been incredibly successful as...

Stable Relationships

Marin Hadley, 11 rides horse Trypp at Rebel Heart Farm. Hadley often exercises horses for other riders while they are away.

By Rachel Shultz, Student Life Editor

March 22, 2019

     When you see a person riding a horse, it looks easy, like anyone could do it. What you don’t see is the countless hours spent in lessons and training, as well as time developing relationships with the horses they ride.      Equestrian sports are often overlooked and underappreciated. ...

Boys Basketball Faces Defeat Against Carmel at Regionals

By Mikayla Owens, Multimedia Editor

March 18, 2019

On Sat. March 10, 2019, your Zionsville Boys Basketball team began their regional run at Logansport. The boys team began their day with game one of a possible two-day game schedule against Huntington North. The Eagles led throughout the game finishing with a 52-41 win over Huntington North. Scoring...

A Turn(quist) for the Better

By Tyler Gutwein, Staff

March 7, 2019

The ZCHS football team is taking steps in order to prepare for season, though it may be far away. In high school, a teams class for athletics is determined by the size of the school. Zionsville has eclipsed the mark for 5A and is being moved up to 6A football, which is the top tier of high school...

Boys Swimming Sectionals

By Ruth Cronin, News Editor

February 15, 2019

After the boys swim team’s successful night at sectional prelims on Thursday, they are ready for great results at finals this Saturday. “I think after as well as we swam at prelims, that we have a lot more in the tank, and when we suit up on Saturday, we will have some fast swims,” coach Scott...

Throwback: Powder Puff Football

By Kylie Heagy, Opinion Editor

December 20, 2018


Friday Night Lights Brought to Life Thanks to the Student Section

By Tyler Gutwein, staff`

December 11, 2018

As first semester finals are coming to an end, the beginning of the semester seems to have been so far away. As we wrap ourselves up in our winter coats and pull on our boots, it seems crazy that we were all cheering on our football team in the stands a mere four months ago. The rush of football season...

Girls Basketball

Katie Huber takes a three point shot.

By Cylar Collins, Staff

December 10, 2018

Last year, the girls Varsity basketball team fought hard to make it all the way to state. It was a tough game but unfortunately, they weren’t able to win. This year, the team is stronger than before. The girls are giving 110% every practice and working hard on technique. Even the youngest girls on...