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The XFL Under Review

The XFL Under Review

By Tyler Gutwein, Staff March 10, 2020

With the XFL fully underway it is finally to give my formal impressions of the new league and what I think this league could become. It’s predecessor the Alliance of American Football (AAF), burned out...

Rugby: A Sport Like No Other

By Tyler Gutwein, Staff February 11, 2020

For first time viewers of rugby, it may seem complicated and crazy that men would be willing to hit each other repeatedly with minimal protection. Brain meets brawn in a clash of size and speed. It may...

Feature Films of 2020

By Jillian Bond, Staff February 3, 2020

2020 is going to be full of amazing films that will bring us back to our warm childhood days or make us jump out of our seats. With films like "The Conjuring," "Scoob" and another "Legally Blonde." All...

Danger Danger

By Tyler Gutwein, Staff October 21, 2019

We like to think that sporting events are fairly safe contests with chances of injury being minimized through equipment and technique. However, that doesn’t mean that these events come without major...

What’s the Big Deal?

By Sadie Graham , Staff March 18, 2019

For many, it seems like the presidential election is already being shoved down our throats. From social media to the news on TV, and even your grandpa, it seems like the 2020 election is already here. Many...

AP (Astronomical Pressure)

By Grace Gogis, Staff March 7, 2019

Advanced Placement classes are for students looking to go above and beyond. According to Zionsville Community High School’s website, “The AP Program at ZCHS provides opportunities for highly motivated...

Vans, Hydro Flasks, and Kånken backpacks are just a few of the trends of 2019. Photo from Jillian Bond.

The Craze of 2019

By Jillian Bond, Staff March 7, 2019

It has been just a few months since 2019 began and the year has brought some of the most popular trends yet. It seems like everyone you know has the newest clothes, shoes, or technology, and that’s because...

Charlatte Kauffman, junior, shows off her AirPods case while in study hall.

AirPods: What’s the Big Deal?

By Anna Murphy , Sports Editor February 26, 2019

Apple is constantly releasing new products left and right. From the iPhone XR to the Apple Watch. Most of these releases make the headlines for a day, then are forgotten about a week later. Although, one...

Watching shows is a part of an every day routine for many people. Photo from Wi-FIndings.

Hulu or Netflix?

By Jillian Bond, Staff February 26, 2019

The biggest question of this generation’s lifetime is about to be answered. Which of these is the best, Hulu or Netflix? Both Netflix and Hulu have a various number of movies and TV shows. Both networks...

Main Street in Zionsville is covered in snow. It was a cold, gray day and no one wanted to be outside. Photo from Pinterest.

Are Delays and Snow Days Worth It?

By Jillian Bond, Staff February 11, 2019

With winter being a big part of where we live, snow days and two-hour delays are always being looked forward to by students, especially here at ZCHS. The question is though, do the E-Days and schedule...


By Becka Bash, Staff February 11, 2019

When most ZCHS students get home, the first thing they do is watch a movie or TV show, typically from Netflix. Most of the shows that people watch tend to be similar or the same show. People typically...

Is SugarBearHair Worth It?

By Sadie Graham, Staff February 11, 2019

SugarBearHair some attention when it comes to social media. This leads to many people being scammed into buying this product. How many times have you seen an ad for this product? Probably numerous times....

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