The Harbinger

Snuffing Out The Bias

Chart detecting bias from various news agencies. Provided by AdFontesMedia.

By Patrick, DaPuzzo

January 31, 2019

Many people today struggle to detect news bias and tell what media outlet is leaning which way on the political spectrum. With all the different news sources covering the same topic or event, it can hard to tell if the article is trying to attack or make one side of the political spectrum better than ...

Z-Gravy Chase

By Ruth Cronin, News Editor

December 10, 2018

There are many popular races that take place on Thanksgiving Day. Whether they are Drumstick Dashing’, Turkey Trotting’, or Gobble Galloping’, chances are you have friends or family participating. This year, the Zionsville Boys and Girls Club will be holding their second annual Z-Gravy Chase 5K fun...

Whatever Floats Your Vote

By Grace Gogis, Staff

November 15, 2018

The 2018 midterm elections may have come and gone, but their importance to ZCHS students has left a lasting impact. With a fraction of the student body being of voting age, each election brings about months of research, discussion, and excitement. Sophia Petts, senior, shared what it was like to vote...

Celebrities Lead Way in American Politics

By Mikayla Owens, Staff

October 22, 2018

On Nov. 6, American voters will be taking it to the polls to vote in the 2018 midterm elections. In light of recent cases, such as the Kavanaugh hearing with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Democrats have fired up their younger voters to take it upon themselves to be registered and ready to vote. The same...

New Nike Ad Campaign Starts Controversy

New Nike Ad Campaign Starts Controversy

By Mikayla Owens, Staff

September 10, 2018

On Sept. 3, Nike released a new advertisement in commencement of their 30th year of “Just Do It.” Former 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kapernick is the new face behind the campaign. Kapernick, lesser known for his accomplishments on the field, is best known for his actions alongside the field, bef...

Young Republicans Sponsor Drug Drive

By Sophia Freehauf, Staff

April 19, 2018

The ZCHS Young Republicans sponsored a drug drive on April 17 at Jennings Field so people could donate their old prescription drugs.   “The drug drive is a way to clean up our community from addiction that has gripped our nation,”  Young Republicans President, Whitaker Mackenzie, said. People dr...

Visit from a Congresswoman

Susan Brooks listens as senior Kelsey Merrill shares her opinions on gun control.

By Rachel Shultz, Staff

March 28, 2018

Congresswoman Susan Brooks visited the Hussey-Mayfield Public Library on March 26 to hear the opinions of Zionsville students and citizens. Citizens were given one-on-one time with Brooks to discuss issues and changes they want to be made. Groups and individuals came to speak with Brooks about various i...

Indiana Politician Profiles

Indiana Politician Profiles

By Marillyn Heigl, Student Life Editor

March 26, 2018

After the school shooting that occurred in Parkland, Florida on February 14, there has been a surge of student activism in schools throughout America. From becoming a part of political discussions to organizing marches to walk-outs, students have become very politically active. One of the major ways s...

17 Minutes of Solidarity

By Drew Cortopassi, Staff

March 9, 2018

In response to the overwhelming gun violence afflicting American schools and communities, Women’s March Youth EMPOWER has called for a National School Walkout. The 17-minute walk on March 14, 2018 is encouraged for students, teachers, administrators, and parents in order to both mourn the 17 lives...

Eagles Stand With Eagles

Eagles Stand With Eagles

By Sam Shipe, Opinion Editor

March 6, 2018

On February 14, a tragedy befell Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. The students were the victims of yet another school shooting. As more comes out about those suffering in the wake of their lost friends, family, and fellow students one must ask what they can personally do to help. Peaceful...