Bonding Over Books

By Lucy Robinson, Staff

With so many clubs in ZCHS it’s hard to find some you enjoy. One option for avid book readers is the book club. In the book club, they will vote on the book to read and in the following weeks they will discuss it at their meetings.

“So typically, what we’ll do is we’ll have our meetings in the library, and we all meet after school. Sometimes we will bring in snacks. We’ll sit down, and usually either I or Liz Overberg will be like, ‘okay let’s start’,” Paige Gardner, senior and one of the club leaders, said.

Book club provides a place for those that like reading to discuss with others that are interested.

“If we have a book to discuss, we’ll be like, ‘okay, what do you guys think of the book? Was there anything you liked, was there anything that you disliked. What would you change about it?’. Stuff like that. Sometimes we might even look up discussion questions for the book and then if that kind of peters out I might be like, ’hey, let’s talk about this.’ Like, ‘what if this happened in the book or what’s your favorite part? Or like, I could just even put out the question what’s your favorite book trope and how would you fix it.”

They read all types of books and the schedule is affected by those books.

“If we’re reading and graphic novel, we might only take two weeks to read it,” Gardner said. “If it’s like a 600-page book, we might take two weeks to read half of it and then kind of discuss what’s happened so far. Then take another two weeks to finish it.”

The club meets every other Wednesday in the library, and anyone can join. They don’t make you read every book either.

“I’m the president, ‘the president’, of the book club. It’s a very honorary title. It’s not like I was elected, but yeah, I like it a lot,” Sarah Trepanier, senior, said. “It’s the only club that I’ve stuck with for all four years just because, like, it’s really fun and easy and they don’t make you read the books. It’s just fun to talk with people.”

The club is doing something right, as they have a consistent group of members and many people who have stuck with it all four years.

“Our clubs actually pretty big. I’m kind of proud of the amount of people in our club. Yeah. I think we usually have like 20 people show up, its pretty good. Also, we have all different age ranges, with people from each grade. Also, we have a lot of seniors in the club and I think a lot of people stayed with it all four years.”

Sometimes the club will pick books that have movie adaptations, and after reading the book they watch the movie at one of their meetings.

“Usually they turn into longer meetings like, you know, our end of the year party and our winter party. We’ll go to the library after school and we’ll turn on the movie, and after having read the book, we will watch the movie in the meeting, then the next meeting we will talk about it,” Gardner said.

Trepanier thinks that one of the draws for the club is the laid-back community it creates, and the activities they get to do.

“Liz Overberg is super nice, and you can get free books a lot of times because Patricia who works at the Zionsville library comes and she brings stuff and they do crafts sometimes, it’s fun.”

Gardner’s favorite part is the group and the people who are part of the club.

“You have like a few people who will peter in and out about every other meeting then you have like your solid book clubbers and you all know each other and it’s just kind of nice cause it’s kind of like this time in the week where you can just kind of chill and talk about books,” Gardner said.

The discussions with other people help make the book seem real and can give a new perspective and brings the community of the club together.

“I think it brings it to life and you get to hear other people talking about something that you read and that it’s not just something from your imagination, you can discuss it with other people and kind of understand the book better,” Trepanier said. “Yeah, so it’s less like one sided and I think it’s more fun to do anything with friends.”

Trepanier said her favorite part is the discussions they have about the books.

“There are a lot of different perspectives that people have, obviously,” Trepanier said. “But also, I like that we can include everyone, and we all get like really into the book. I’ve made a lot of friends there because we’re all so passionate about the books.”