Boys Volleyball

A sport here at ZCHS that is often overlooked, boys volleyball, is off to a great season. Some people assume the mens volleyball team is one of Zionsville’s intermural sports, however they are a competitive team currently ranked fourth in Indiana.

“This season has been incredibly successful as we are 9-1, the best season yet under our current coach. To prepare for games we practice and make sure we master every aspect of the game,” Senior Ethan Krone said.

This year the team has many senior leaders, including team captains Nathaniel Martine and Ethan Krone. Krone and Martine believe that their job is to keep the team accountable and excited to play.

“I think we’ve led the team in every aspect of the game, making sure everyone is held accountable and is ready to put in full effort,” Martine said.

Since the team has such strong leadership and friendships this season, the team dynamic is stronger than ever before.

“We have a strong team dynamic because we have a large group of seniors that have played together for 4 years so we all know each other,” Jack Drake, senior, said.

Each player has something different that they love about the volleyball team. Whether they are out winning games, practicing techniques, or learning new cheers, the team is having fun.

“My favorite thing about boys volleyball is jumping up as high as I can and just absolutely banging balls into the other team. There’s no better feeling than a nice, clean hit,” Krone said.

The games this season have been a huge highlight for the team, especially since the players skills have advanced so much.

“My favorite part is the games because we get to apply what we have practiced in the games and it is fun to play with my friends,” Drake said.

To earn their 9-1 record the team has worked hard this year. They typically have 2 matches a week, and have practice every other weekday.

“I think we’ve gotten better from last year. The majority of the team is the same as last year, so with another year of experience and practice we’ve just improved,” Senior Jack Miller said. “Another thing that’s been helpful is we have more guys that can play at a varsity level, so we can do different things in different games.”

The boys volleyball team is excited to see what else they can accomplish this season, and keep advancing all their playing skills.

“Hitting, blocking, passing, serving, you name it, we do it,” Krone said.