An Undefeated Season


Photo provided by Makenna Hoftiezer. The Choralaires celebrate their win at the Pike Music Fest competition.

By Anna Murphy , Sports Editor

The girls step out on stage eagerly waiting to hear the final decisions from the judges. Huddled together, they listen with excitement hoping to hear their name called. And, finally, they all celebrate together when they hear the words, “Zionsville Choraliares, Grand Champions!”

Week after week this year, the girls show choir group, the Choralaires, took home the winning title at their competitions. The choir was able to secure four different contest titles ranging from Pike to North Central locations, making this an unforgettable, and undefeated, season for the girls.

But this was no easy accomplishment. The girls worked tirelessly during class, as well as rehearsals every week to improve and build upon their show.

“They [the leadership] were a big part of our success because they made sure that we worked hard and they did a really good job,” Annabelle Pancake, junior, said.

During their time competing, the group was having a blast during all the competitions. The extremely long days were all worth it in the end when the ‘Laires got to show off their first-place trophy and medals, usually alongside their fellow Royalaires who won three out of their four competitions.

“Getting to perform on stage was really fun, as well as cheering on the Royalaires was great,” Pancake said.

Now that competition season is over, the group has switched their focus to definitely thinking about their future plans.

“I really excited for next year. I think both groups [Royalaires and Choralaires] will be really solid, so I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen,” Pancake said.

Even though there are no more competitions to win, the Zionsville Show Choir is not finished yet. They are currently working on their Finale show that will occur at the end of the school year, so make sure see the undefeated Choralaires perform one last time this season!