Which College Fits You?


Indiana University in the fall. Photo from: https://www.iu.edu/campuses/index.html

By Jillian Bond, Staff

As a fellow high school student, I have constant thoughts about which college is best for me and there are many other students, my age and older, who have no idea where to start in terms of finding the right fit. Components of schools vary in terms of size, religions, and programs.

Many private universities have ties with specific religions, allowing students to study what they want while practicing their own beliefs. Universities like Calvin College and Taylor University provide religion classes and chapel for students to go to.

There are also largely populated schools like Indiana University and Ohio State University, which provide students with many opportunities academically and socially. Indiana University has one of the highest rated study abroad programs, which gives students the chance to see other parts of the world and experience new cultures. As these schools have a higher population, there are more people to meet and more program opportunities.

Small colleges such as Butler University and Logan University provide students with a closer relationship with faculty and more individual opportunities. The class sizes are smaller, which brings more advantages to you.

There are also schools that appeal to certain majors and careers that students want. New York University [NYU] and The United States Air Force Academy provide schooling for students who want to focus on specific programs. NYU has a stronger focus and generally better programs for the arts such as music, acting, writing and more. The Air Force Academy, however, is good for students who already plan on serving in the U.S. military.

There is an infinite amount of colleges for every type of person. Whether you want to focus on religion, opportunities, studying abroad, or a specific program, there is a college for you. Make sure you take the time to do your research or talk to your counselors to make an informed decision. In the meantime, enjoy the time you have left in high school.