What’s the Big Deal?

By Sadie Graham , Staff

For many, it seems like the presidential election is already being shoved down our throats. From social media to the news on TV, and even your grandpa, it seems like the 2020 election is already here.

Many people in school right now will be eligible for voting in the next election.

“You must be at least 18 on or before the next general, municipal, or special election to register. If you’re 17, you may register and vote in the primary election if you turn 18 on or before the next general or municipal election” (Voter Registration Age Requirements by State). For some students, this means a chance to vote in the next election. But some people think their vote doesn’t matter. “One vote won’t change anything” is a common phrase I hear. This actually isn’t very accurate when you look at the impact of millennials and Generation Z .

Key issues in every election relate to the ages of 18 and 29. It is essential people in this age group educate themselves on political issues relating to them. College debt, minimum wage, etc. All these topics pertain to our generation. One candidate might have a different stance, and it is important to know the difference.

In 2016, Millennials represented almost 50% of the entire voting population. Only about 49% actually voted, though. Young voters account for nearly half of the voting population. This makes them a powerful force in politics. As the “baby boomers” decrease in size, young voters are starting to populate the polls. It is a matter of time before millennials become the largest, most powerful group in the US. This means a chance for a majority vote in the polls. Another reason being educated in politics is important, and utilizing your right to vote.

Every vote counts! Contrary to popular belief that “one vote won’t change anything”, it is actually the opposite. It is always important to boost your candidate. Your vote could be a tiebreaker.

You may not care now, but you definitely will in the future. Put yourself 40, even 50 years in the future. A retirement fund, house payments, taxes, you name it. They will all be in the future. A choice you make now could benefit or hurt you later on.

Having a voice in politics is the greatest right we have in the US. Choosing who you want to run our country is very important. So remember, if you are eligible to vote in the next election, register and have your voice heard. A small choice like this could have a great effect on you in the future.