A Turn(quist) for the Better

By Tyler Gutwein, Staff

The ZCHS football team is taking steps in order to prepare for season, though it may be far away.

In high school, a teams class for athletics is determined by the size of the school. Zionsville has eclipsed the mark for 5A and is being moved up to 6A football, which is the top tier of high school football. Teams in 6A include all HCC opponents along with Ben Davis, Carmel, and Warren Central, just to name a few.

Pat Echeverria leaving Zionsville to coach for his alma mater, Pike High School, has left Zionsville in a position to start from scratch in a lot of aspects. ZCHS had been looking for a new head coach to lead the  6A squad. Now, they have got their man in Scott Turnquist.

Scott Turnquist attended Montana State University-Bozeman where he played football for the Bobcats in the Big Sky Conference. He helped the Bobcats win back to back conference titles in 2002 and 2003.

After coming to Indiana, Turnquist spent time as an assistant on Zionsville’s staff, then proceeded to get a coaching job at Carmel High School. Last season, with the reigns of the defense, he helped lead the Greyhounds to a state finals appearance. Ultimately losing in the championship game against Warren Central.

Turnquist has made it clear that the coaches who were on the staff previously have been told that they may stay at Zionsville if they wish. In a recent podcast with HometownHeroes, Turnquist has said that a good number of the coaching staff on the offensive side of the ball have decided to stick around. Which will help Turnquist focus on being a head coach.

As the Eagles prepare for the new challenges ahead, moving into a division where they’re facing top teams in the state. Turnquist is determined to prove himself as a coach and to bring Zionsville football to the top of the class.