Sadie’s Switch-Up

By Grace Gogis, Staff

The student council’s decorations at the winter dance. Photo provided by Makenna Hoftiezer

Every January, ZCHS students get geared up for the biggest school event of the winter: Sadie’s. Known as the school’s “girls ask” dance, this dance has always been a fun way to flip conventional gender roles and put a unique twist on a school dance. So it was evident that students were confused and curious when posters around the school for the dance were advertising just that: “the dance”, not “Sadie’s”.

Makenna Hoftiezer, junior, was the co-chair of the winter dance with junior Julia Rusyniak. She says that the student council was so lucky to have put together a great committee to cover all of the bases and pull the dance off.

“Just a few [responsibilities] included buying and making decorations, ordering cupcakes, planning dates, getting there early and staying late to take down, and proposing budget,” Hoftiezer said.

The winter dance committee has gotten a bad rap after the unexpected changing of the dance’s name. Hoftiezer says that it was not the committee that made this decision, but she understands why the choice was made.

“…some people thought that Sadie’s meant girls could only ask boys and this would leave out the girl and girl and boy and boy couples,” Hoftiezer said. “Obviously this was not meant to be offensive because anyone can ask anyone!”

Katie Humphries, sophomore, went to the dance to have fun with friends and support the student council. She believes that the name change was a good decision but that it ultimately did not change many people’s perception of the dance.

“I think that the name change had good intentions, but the winter dance will always be known as ‘Sadie-Hawkins’,” Humphries said. “I don’t know anyone that referenced it as something other than ‘Sadie’s’. For people with dates, I think it was more common to find the girls asking the guys because that’s how it has always been.”

In the end, Humphries affirms that the winter dance is just as exciting as it has always been and that ZCHS students have no need to worry about it being any less fun than in the past.

“I don’t think the name changed anything about the dance,” Humphries said. “Overall it was really fun, and the idea of being with friends and dressing up remained the same no matter the name change.”

Hoftiezer agrees that, in the end, what the dance is called doesn’t affect students’ enjoyment.

“Honestly it’s just a name; it doesn’t impact the good time!” Hoftiezer said. “I think Sadie’s was a cool name but now we can choose something different that includes everyone.”