By Becka Bash, Staff

When most ZCHS students get home, the first thing they do is watch a movie or TV show, typically from Netflix. Most of the shows that people watch tend to be similar or the same show. People typically tend to know which show someone is talking about, even if they hate the show. Maybe the show someone loves, someone else hates. One of these controversial shows is Riverdale. I have personally never met someone with a neutral opinion on Riverdale, but only people who are incredibly stuck on one side of the spectrum. I personally stand on the side of dislike.

The idea of the shows is not bad, and the plot is actually kind of interesting. The whole drama and trying to find the murderer. The idea behind it is engaging as are the Archie comics. The plot behind the show itself is not the problem. However, the dialogue is terrible. Here is one very interesting example:

     “Are you familiar with the works of Truman Capote? I’m Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but this place is strictly In Cold Blood.”

“I think it sounds really condescending like he’s saying that he’s all pure, but then he says that the place is bad,” sophomore, Abbey Price, said.

This line is terrible and not something that anybody would ever naturally say. They sound like they’re desperately trying to make the characters look cool, but if anyone said that to me, I would think they were weird and overdramatic. It just sounds forced and weird and most of the things they say make me feel kind of uncomfortable. I got through half of the first season before I had to quit. I know some people really like the show, but it’s not something I could get into and from what I have heard, the later seasons get worse than the first.

Overall, I don’t think the plot or the actors are bad, I just think the dialogue they use to move the plot is pretty confusing and disappointing. I think that the show just needs some new writers, but at this point, that’s too late and too many fans of the show now like the dialogue. It’s not something that I could ever see myself watching again with so many other great things to watch.