Hulu or Netflix?

Watching shows is a part of an every day routine for many people. Photo from Wi-FIndings.

By Jillian Bond, Staff

The biggest question of this generation’s lifetime is about to be answered. Which of these is the best, Hulu or Netflix? Both Netflix and Hulu have a various number of movies and TV shows. Both networks are very useful for when you are bored in class, on a long road trip with your annoying siblings, or needing an escape from reality. They are also both good at keeping up with relevant movies and shows, along with making their own original productions. But the question still stands, which is better? To help all of us come to this conclusion, I have provided a list below of the pros and cons of each company.


  • Pros
    • downloading shows
    • no ads
    • binge-worthy original shows/movies
  • Cons
    • higher price ($10.99)
    • doesn’t stream current shows
    • asks if you’re “still watching”


  • Pros
    • provides current shows that are being
    • shown on real TV
    • lower price ($7.99 with ads)
    • doesn’t ask if you’re “still watching”
  • Cons
    • contains long ads
    • cannot download shows/movies
    • doesn’t have the best variety of movies
    • some movies and shows require you to pay more money to watch

I personally believe that Netflix is the better choice of the two. Although it comes with a higher price and a reminder that you’ve been doing nothing else but bingeing your favorite show, it has great movies, TV programs, and original productions. Hulu cannot be put down though. They do have long ads and don’t have the ability to download shows, but they put up new episodes weekly of different programs, such as The Bachelor or Saturday Night Live. In the end, you can’t go wrong with either one on a cold, gray Indiana day.