‘Tis The Season

By Grace Gogis, Staff

The holiday season is what many call a magical time of year. Many students at ZCHS celebrate holidays during the winter months; yet, there is another season during this time of year that dampens the festive mood: finals season. It is is an almost inescapable fact of student life. It seems that as soon as December rolls around, students begin preparing to take their exams.

“During the holiday season, the major pressure on students is finals,” Hannah Wleklinski, sophomore, said. “During the holidays, it’s hard for students because they want to enjoy the holiday season but they have to focus on studying for finals.”

With this season being a time for family and connection, students can find it frustrating to make time for both studying and family fun. The idea of break being just around the corner can make it difficult to focus.

“Finals and outside commitments coming closer definitely puts a lot of stress on students,” Mahesh Gupta, junior, said.

Despite the pressures of finals season, students like Ellie Anderson, junior, still find ways to remain positive and look towards the exciting memories waiting to be made.

“My favorite part about the holidays is the fellowship and quality family time that I’m able to have,” Anderson said.

Wleklinski also looks forward to what this holiday season has in store.

“My favorite part about the holidays is getting in the spirit and celebrating the holidays with family and friends,” Wleklinski said.

Anderson has worked out ways to experience these joys of the season while also keeping her grades up.

“I balance and spread out my time so that I study for a certain amount of time and then I relax and enjoy family for some time,” Anderson said.

Gupta also agrees that having the right balance between studies and fun is important around this time of year.

“I plan to do festive things with friends so I have something to look forward to!” Gupta said.