Throwback: Freaky Fridays

By Kylie Heagy, Staff

If there’s one thing that every student at Zionsville knows, it’s that Fridays were disastrous for a three-week time period towards the beginning of the year. The second week of school ended on a strong note, with an early dismissal due to a power outage, and the following Friday nearly brought the same fate.

“I like to call Fridays at Zionsville ‘freaky Fridays’,” Bella Kelly, sophomore, said.

The so-called ‘disasters’ that occurred for almost a month were the source of jokes for many students at ZCHS.

“Many people think this is an ongoing senior prank,” Brenna Ackert, junior, said.

Besides the two power outages, ZCHS also experienced a fire alarm on the last Friday in August. Despite the fact that fire alarms mean a less likely chance of getting to go home, some student appreciated them more than the power outages.

“[I would rather have a] fire alarm because it’s a nice break, and that way it isn’t really hot because we can come back inside to air conditioning,” Kendall Phillip, sophomore, said.

However, other students felt power outages were the worse of the two options.

“A fire alarm going off just seems a little more disruptive and disorienting,” Ackert said.

The string of Friday frights ended a few Fridays later. As students held their breath in anticipation for the fourth Friday in a row, they were left disappointed. Though many students were expecting something, nothing happened.

“I fully expected something to happen that Friday,” Ackert said. “I was a little disappointed that nothing happened, but it was nice to have everything back to normal.”

Much to some student’s dismay, ZCHS might be done having problems on Fridays.

“I’m sure everyone will be disappointed because the students really don’t want to be in school, so anything to get them out of it will be beneficial,” Kelly said.

However, not every student at the school shares that view. And that has been the case for the rest of the year. Although, it would not be as fun to have a fire alarm go off mid-winter.

“I don’t think I’ll be too disappointed [if nothing else happens]. Even though it was exciting to have these things happen, having them happen often takes the surprise out of it, and it could lead to larger problems in school, like getting behind, or disrupting the class schedules,” Acker said. “However, if this happens a few more times this year, I wouldn’t be that upset.”