Mr. Z 2019


By Josie Hughes, Social Editor

     It’s almost time for another iconic performance of the Mr. Zionsville production. In case you haven’t heard or seen in the past, Mr. Z is a huge production that brings in thousands of dollars each year for good reason.

     For almost 40 years, since the early 1980s, 15 senior boys step up to dance, sing, and show off their talents for a crowd.

     “I think it’s stuck around because of the effort put in by all the contestants, skit writers, directors, emcees, and teachers that help with everything. Without everyone’s effort, it wouldn’t be nearly as good as it is every year. It makes underclassman want to be a part of the experience.” Mark Smith, senior, said.

     The production isn’t just enjoyable for the audience but it’s also a blast for those involved. From the skits to the dance, everyone involved gets to see what they’ve created make hundreds of people happy. For Smith, it’s about more than just entertainment.

     “Last year was the first year I went to the show and I was really impressed by the whole thing. Two of my baseball teammates were contestants and I never expected either one of them to be a part of something like that. I’ve never done anything involving performing in front of people before and I thought that Mr. Z would be my only opportunity to do something like that,” Smith said.

     The show may be a funny and entertaining event for others to watch, but it also means a lot to the boys involved. It gives many of them a platform to show themselves to others in a way they may have never been able to without it. The production is really all about letting the students project themselves in any way they see fit, from comedy skits to musical talents to magic tricks; Mr. Z is something that, with the continued effort of everyone in the Zionsville community, will stick around for a long time to come.