Finals Week AKA Death

By Anna Murphy , Sports Editor

It’s no secret that the worst time of year is almost upon us. Finals week. But for the students in my specific class of 2020, it is our junior year final exams. These tests are arguably the worst and hardest tests of our high school careers. So, I reached out to some intelligent juniors and asked them what they plan to do to study this year.

The first, and maybe the most the relatable, answer was very simple. When I asked Grace Karnuta, junior, how she usually studies, her retort was quick and basic.

“You don’t,” Karnuta said.

I felt this response on a very deep level.

Finals are like a big sports game coming up. You can practice, practice, and practice some more, but something could still go wrong. There could be a fluke. Like if you get to the test and forget everything you studied. Anything could go wrong, so why prepare anyway?

I’m just saying, not studying is definitely a viable option. You know you will do bad, so you are automatically saved from any disappointment. And there must be at least a little bit of information you’ve retained from being in a class every day for a whole semester, so there will at least be one question you get right.

On a real note, there are some helpful tips for studying during this horrible time. The first step is organization and time management. Personally, I am still working on both of these things, but there are ways to improve.

Wesley Turnbull, junior, claims that the key to doing well on finals is looking at the study guides.

“I make a beautifully formatted word document that has all of the final dates and such on it with hyperlinks to all of the study material available for it. Then I delete each section when I’m done with the test,” Turnbull said.

The idea to assign study topics according to the date of the test and deleting the study material after you take the test is a great approach to manage your time. It can help you stay focused on each subject.

I, personally, am not quite sure which study strategy I will use to study this year. The most important thing for me is just keeping myself sane. It is necessary to not let finals week get to you and to remember that, in the massive timespan of the universe, this one week of tests really isn’t that important. Don’t freak yourself out too much.

Whatever your approach to finals week is, just remember that it is going to suck. But you just have to fight through so that you can get to the light at the end of the tunnel that is Winter Break. Happy Studying (or not)!