Black Friday or Cyber Monday?


Daniel Ramirez

Extreme Black Friday Crowds

By Katie O'Beirn , Staff

As Thanksgiving week approaches, so do the great sales that take place shortly after. Many people seeking to get their Christmas gifts early and for cheap prices are all over the deals. With everything becoming available online, the convenience and accessibility of products has made cyber Monday extremely appealing to the customers of the United States. But which one is truly better for you?

Black Friday has pros and cons that could make it or break it for you this season. Some deals that are offered are only available in store, and not online. When you make your list of items to grab this year, compare the in-store deals to the online Cyber Monday deals and find the option that gets you more bang for your buck.

You also get the satisfaction of knowing the product is yours, there no chance for canceled items or items getting lost on the route. In-store shopping also comes with testing it out, seeing it in person or trying it on, allowing you to know if it’s something you really want.

It is also important to note, there’s no charge for shipping and handling, you get to take your items home that day, free of charge. Shipping prices and the wait time to receive your items are some of the major cons that cyber Monday brings. however, the early morning and jam-packed malls are one of the biggest cons black Friday has to offer. If you chose to participate in Cyber Monday, you could simply wait two days and order all of your wish list items from your warm bed as you wake up in the morning. You can hit hundreds of stores and retailers without moving a bone, but the tricky return policies and common risks that are taken ordering online may sway your choice.

If you are still torn between which option is best for you, try them both. You can check out the deals on black Friday and gather the things you missed two days later during Cyber Monday.