Super Troupers


By Ruth Cronin, News Editor

From November 15th to the 17th, ZCHS will put on their annual fall musical. This year the popular show Mamma Mia! was chosen and many talented students have been working hard to bring the performance together.

“The talent and energy from the cast will make everyone in the audience want to get up and join us on stage,” Cynthia Kauffman, 12, said.

The cast has been rehearsing six days a week and constantly focusing on their characters.

“Some of my fellow cast mates and I have spent hours focusing on our characters, trying to make them dynamic and show the audience that this is more than just a “high school musical” to us,” Kauffman said.

The cast cannot wait to show everyone what they have been working on, and they look forward to having fun on stage.

“I’m so excited to perform my first show along with my band of brothers,” Zach Herbon, 11, said.

The cast is sure that the songs are going to get everyone excited, because all age groups will know and love the music.

“My favorite thing about the music in Mamma Mia is how unique it is,” Connor Derocher, 12, said. “It’s also just so much fun to sing, and it’s music that really never gets old.”

The directors have worked hard to make the show the best it can be, and they have taught the cast so much along the way.

“MJ Waddell, who was the original Donna in the Broadway tour of Mamma Mia, is one of our co-directors, alongside the incredible Anne Beck,” Kauffman said. “She’s brought her professional experiences into our songs and scenes to make this show better than we ever could have imagined.”

The show is on track to sell out before opening night rolls around, and the cast couldn’t be more excited to show everyone what they have in store.

“It’s also just such a fun and lighthearted show which no one can dislike,” Derocher said. “This show is something you definitely won’t want to miss.”