From the Courtroom to the Diving Board

The ZCHS Diving Team welcomes Lori Schein as a new diving coach

By Rachel Shultz, Student Life Editor

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The ZCHS diving team recently gained two new coaches,  including Lori Schein, a former diver and current candidate for judge for the Boone County Circuit Court. The divers miss their old coach, Coach Connie Rasor,  but are excited to see what the season brings.

“I’m really thankful that they stepped up to coach us because I know they both have very busy schedules,” senior Laryn Zvokel said.

Even though it is only the beginning of the season, the divers are already starting to get to work with the new coaches.

“So far I really like our coaches,” sophomore Henry Maas said. “I’m open to giving the new coaches a chance. One of the new coaches made us get in a circle and tell them our name and three goals for the season. I thought that was smart because she could get to know us better and what we were interested in getting.”

With different coaches also comes different coaching styles and approaches, which is a change for divers on the team in past years.

“It’s definitely different not having Connie as a coach,” Zvokel said. “She had a lot of experience and I really liked the way she coached. I initially began diving with her so I learned her methods and approaches. Our new coaches methods are good but they are very different from hers. They don’t have quite as much experience as Connie but they are doing the best they can in this situation. They have us watch videos of approaches that we can learn from which I find very helpful.”

Coach Schein has many years of diving experience, but this will be her first chance to coach the divers at ZCHS.

“I was a springboard diver starting when I was about nine years old” Schein said. “I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and I dove for the Phoenix Diving Club for many years. I dove all through high school, and then I was a diver at a small Division 3 college in Minnesota.”

There are many freshman divers on the 2018-19 team, and in order to compete in a meet, the divers need to learn six different types of dives.

“We have a lot of new divers, so I want all of the divers to be able to get enough dives to be in at least one meet, which means they’re going to have to get a forward dive, a back dive, an inward dive, a reverse dive, a twister dive, and then one optional dive,” Schein said. “With regard to the more experienced divers, I hope that they improve their dives, and maybe they’ll be able to get more difficult dives.”

The first meet that divers will be able to compete at is at McCutcheon on November 20.

“I know the swim team coach, Coach Kubly was looking for somebody to fill in, and whether that becomes me permanently or me temporarily, I don’t know, but currently, just short term, I’m going to try to get as many girls and guys ready to have six dives and compete in that meet.” Schein said.