The Wild World of NCAA Football

By Tyler Gutwein, Staff

The college football season is here and many fans alike are excited to root on their team for the rest of the season. A lot of teams are still in the hunt for a bowl game appearance and this early on in the season, it’s  impossible to tell who they will be. However, there are notable teams that we will discuss for things from their highlights, to the low lights.

Purdue University looked to be on the rise from last year. Purdue had a spectacular year with, at the time, first year head coach Jeff Brohm. The Boilermakers went 7-6 last year and beat Arizona to end their season. However, this year, they have looked awful. Purdue is currently 1-3 and looks highly unlikely to go to a bowl game this year. A disconnect in all phases of the game have shown the flaws of the team. Also, when the opportunity had arisen to stay in the game or even win it. They haven’t been able to capitalize on it. Losing to Eastern Michigan in a very close game, which should never have been close. They did find a way to beat, at the time, 23rd ranked Boston College is a seemingly convincing way. However, In my opinion, Purdue is out of bowl game contention.

Indiana University is currently 3-1 and unlike last year, they look very strong. Their whole team has stepped up to play their best. An easy victory over Ball State earlier in the year, whom had a very close battle with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Most recently had a minor setback losing to Michigan State, but that was against an arguably better team any way you put it. Considering years past, this year already seems like a victory for the Hoosiers. A bowl game looks likely and maybe even a New Year’s Six game.

The Alabama Crimson Tide, enough said. They’re going to be in the playoffs.

Just like ‘Bama, Clemson will be in, no doubt about it. They are too deadly on offense to not be in the final four.

The Ohio State University doesn’t looks as strong this year as years past. While they have the chemistry and ability to make it to the playoffs. They haven’t look up to par with the schemes that they’ve used and doesn’t appear that they’ve adjusted. While they are a good team and will give many a run for their money, I’m saying that the Buckeyes are not in the playoffs, but have a bowl game bid.

University of Central Florida is still looking dominant after going undefeated last year. However, they got snubbed by the committee and didn’t go to the playoffs. It is time to acknowledge how good the American Athletic Conference has become  and put one team into the playoffs. With a high powered offense and a defense that can be dominate in the clutch time. This team is going to be in the playoffs this year and for years to come.

Notre Dame may be a powerhouse, but this team is not going to make a playoff run this year. A close battle with Ball  State showed the flaws of the team. I don’t think they will recover to save this season with a playoff run. The pass game is solid and balanced by a fair read option. However, they do not seem to be in the best of rhythm when rattled slightly. We will have to keep an eye on them to see what happens with their program.

The Old Dominion University Monarchs are not a team that will make the playoffs. I think some people didn’t even know this was a school before they saw this story. They may be 1-3 overall this year, but that one win has shocked the college football world. Monarchs fans went crazy when Old Dominion beat Virginia Tech who at the time was ranked in the top 25 in the nation.

The final team I’m putting on the playoff board is Georgia. Their run game is superb and hard to match, and as soon you commit to the run game, they’re beating you in the air. This team can switch on a dime, a trait that makes them dangerous and going to be hard to defend going through the season.