Fall Concert

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Fall Concert

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“I really love the people and the environment you’re surrounded by every day,” Lily Cross, sophomore, said, discussing why she loves Zionsville’s music programs.

Cross, a Choralaire, first started doing it because music has always been her passion and she had been following in her brother footsteps. Cross had always been looking forward to trying out ever since she was in middle school.

The fall concert is perfect for her because she finds being on stage to be very exhilarating and she loves the adrenaline rush she gets when she’s ready to perform. She also loves the audience’s reaction after the song. When she graduates, she wants to either major or minor in music theatre or performance.

Tyler Hettmansberger, a junior on Royalaires, first got into show choir when he was a sophomore because Aaron Coates, one of the show choir directors, talked him into trying out. He wants to continue with singing in college and his favorite part is interacting with the people in his group, competing, and singing with other choirs from different schools.

“[The concert] is very exhilarating, but then exciting after when everyone is congratulating you,” Hettmansberger said.

Lizzie Byrd, a senior on Choralaires, began her sophomore year because she watched the shows when she was younger, which inspired her to be a part of it. Byrd agrees with Cross and said being on stage gives her an adrenaline rush. To Byrd, music is very special and she lives her life through music, so she wants to try and do something related to it after she graduates high school.

“My favorite part about Choralaires is the people, directors, and all the good influences that this group of people has on her,” Byrd said.

Allie Thorp, a sophomore on Choralaires, said she started this year because she enjoys singing and dancing. She says being on the stage is breathtaking and performing in front of people has always been a passion of hers

. Thorp says that she hopes to continue singing after she graduates.

“I love the choreography and how fun it is to perform,” Thorp said.

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