Running To The Top


The ZCHS boys cross country team runs in the meet for State Champions in Terre Haute in the 2017 season.

By Cylar Collings, Staff

This year the boys’ cross-country team is working hard to not only make new achievements for themselves but also fight to win state.

Mark Rinehart, a freshman on the boys’ cross-country team, thinks he is a good addition to the team because he has worked very hard to make a solid spot on varsity and he is good friends with everyone on the team. Rinehart has been preparing all year by running extra miles and mentally preparing himself to run with faster, and stronger guys.

“My first impression of the ZCHS cross country team was how close everyone is and the way they joke around,” Rinehart said.

Fletcher Birnbaum, a junior on the boys’ cross-country team, says that he is going to work hard to improve his running with his teammates and to push himself to be the best he can be. Birnbaum said the freshmen are a great addition to the team and he is looking forward to seeing all the progress they will make.

Alex Hamilton, a sophomore on the boys’ cross-country team, thinks this year’s team has made a huge improvement on positivity and effort at practice and meets.

“We have always had good positivity and effort, but this season we have really taken it over the top and have strengthened our bonds as a team,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton thinks they have done a great job at running together as a group and have really helped each other improve. Hamilton said the freshmen are a great addition to the team. He said they bring new faces and strengths to the team. Hamilton said they have had a great season with them so far and he looks forward to continuing working with them. Hamilton said he is already good friends with everyone on the team and hopes to become a future role model for the younger kids.

“Although they may be freshmen, they have had a huge impact on the team,” Hamilton said.