Annual Blood Drive


Emma Russom, junior, donates blood.

By Cylar Collings, Staff

During the 2018-2019 annual blood drive at Zionsville Community High School organized by Key Club, over 51.3 pints were donated to patients in Indiana who are in definite need of blood transfusions. With the help of ZCHS, 120 patients will get the treatment they need and be on their way towards a healthier life.

Camille Weston, junior, was a donor in the blood drive. Her reasoning for donating was that she decided to do it after getting her wisdom teeth out and that she is aware of the many patients in Indiana who are in need of blood transfusions.

“A blood drive helps everyone around us become aware of the need to donate,” Weston said.

Lauren Baker, junior, also donated blood. Baker said the reason she gave blood was to help people who don’t have enough blood or need more of it. Baker also said giving the blood made her feel good because many people aren’t as lucky and need blood infusions and this is an easy way to help out as many people she can so they can have a better life.

“There’s a lot of kids who don’t have the life they always wanted and giving my blood can help them have a more normal life,” Baker said.

Julianna Argentine, a volunteer at the blood drive, said she was there to help with sign-up sheets. Argentine said having annual blood drives are important because it involves the entire school and it’s a way of community service. The blood goes to the Indiana Blood Center, and it goes to hospitals near them to help many patients.

“A blood drive is especially good to have at high schools because teenagers are shown to have given the most amount of blood out of all age groups, and giving blood is better when the kid is young and healthy,” Argentine said.