Young Republicans Sponsor Drug Drive

By Sophia Freehauf, Staff

The ZCHS Young Republicans sponsored a drug drive on April 17 at Jennings Field so people could donate their old prescription drugs.  

“The drug drive is a way to clean up our community from addiction that has gripped our nation,”  Young Republicans President, Whitaker Mackenzie, said.

People dropped off their prescriptions they were  done using so they can be properly disposed, since drugs aren’t supposed to be thrown away regularly due to environmental hazards.

“This is a simple, efficient, and above all easy way for people to do some spring cleaning,” Mackenzie said.

This drug takeback program was first proposed to the Zionsville school board by Claire Nieshalla; the 2018 Miss Fall Festival Outstanding Teen. She uses her platform to spread awareness of substance abuse.

“The source of the drugs often comes from families, friends, and even oneself,” said Nieshalla.

Once the drugs are collected, they will be properly disposed of at a different site.

“Our country is having an opioid crisis that hasn’t ever been seen and when I heard about Claire Nieshalla’s program I made sure to sign up and start it up with her,” said Mackenzie.

Young Republicans has endorsed Nieshalla’s drug take back idea because of what being an American means to them. They hope that the takeback day will raise awareness of prescription drug abuse.

“It’s our duty as patriots to help our town, state and our nation,” Whitaker said.