Students Vying to Volunteer

Molly Dzurisin, 12, serves in Haiti over this years' Spring Break.

By Marillyn Heigl, Student Life Editor

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, teenagers between the ages of 16 and 19 have a volunteer rate of 26.4 percent. This volunteer rate reflects itself among the ZCHS population with many students actively seeking out volunteer opportunities.

Senior Molly Dzurisin has learned a lot from her volunteer work.

“Volunteering has helped me to widen my perspective and to form lifelong friendships. I have served with my church in Mexico and in downtown Indianapolis, as well as with the ‘I’m-IN’ Haiti team. Each trip has allowed me to realize that the world is bigger than my life here in Zionsville, whether I am volunteering 10 miles away from my hometown or 1500,” Dzurisin said.

Zionsville schools allow many opportunities to volunteer and help others. For example, students are able to tutor others in a language in exchange for hours for different national honors societies. Similarly, National Honors Society requires a minimum of 25 volunteer hours a year from each of its members, which pushes its upperclassmen members to seek out opportunities to help others.

Many local churches also offer trips to volunteer, Zionsville Presbyterian Church being one of them.

During the summer, ZPC sends a group of students along with a few adults down to Playa del Carmen, Mexico to do construction work or help at local churches. Another trip that ZPC does that many ZCHS students attend is the “I’m-IN” trip to Haiti.

Each year during Spring Break through Nehemiah Vision Ministries, a large group of ZCHS students travel down to Haiti and serve for a week.

Senior Davis Judd has gone to Haiti on this trip all four years of high school and actively volunteers in Zionsville. He is a member of Student Council, helps at a camp called The Great Escape in Wisconsin, and goes to Haiti.

“Volunteering is a great way to get involved and Student Council [has been] the perfect way to make a difference in our own school. The Great Escape is something I just started last year but I love helping out because I am always around kids and able to help them in multiple different ways… Haiti is different. I spend my whole year looking forward to Haiti. It’s the most loving environment I’ve ever experienced and that’s what brought me back every year. I probably won’t remember the houses or physical things we did, but the relationships I’ve built over the years with Haitians and people on our teams are things I’ll have with me forever. Being submerged in that environment, surrounded by those people is what I love about that trip,” Judd said.

The environment Zionsville promotes tends to push its students to continue to volunteer after high school.

“I know I won’t be able to go next year but I’m excited to see what other opportunities to serve others I have in the future,” Judd said.