Spring Break 2018: Belize

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Spring Break 2018: Belize

By Erin Patterson, Sports Editor

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Over spring break, Señora Muniz-Peredo headed up the trip of 2018 and took a group of ZCHS students to Belize. While equally stunning geographically and culturally, the students enjoyed getting to experience another culture while witnessing the beauty of somewhere they had never been before.

Peggy Brooks, sophomore, was one of the students who took full advantage of the opportunity to learn about a new culture on her break from school.

“I had never been to Belize and really love to travel and experience other cultures. Belize was especially interesting to me as it’s the only Latin American country to have English as the official language, despite the fact that they primarily speak Creole, Spanish, or Maya,” Brooks said.

Despite Belize being an English speaking country, it is vastly different from the United States.

“I learned a lot about contemporary Mayan culture as well as the jungle and ancient architecture of the Maya,” Brooks said.

Brooks knows the trip will be something she will remember forever.

“The trip was absolutely wonderful. I met many new people with interesting views and life stories. The weather was lovely while we were there and seeing the ocean life and massive stone ruins of the Maya is something I’ll never forget,” Brooks said.


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