Varsity Girls’ Lacrosse 2018 Season

By Catie Shultz, Staff

The Zionsville Girls’ Varsity Lacrosse Team has once again started off the beginning of their season with a winning streak, undefeated 4-0. Their latest victory came against Harrison Tuesday evening, the final score 17-3. Currently the team is first in the state, after a win against Noblesville last Thursday.

Lacrosse is contact field sport played between two teams, each with eleven players and one goalie. It is often likened to a combination of soccer and hockey.

“We use different strategies to score and the defense protects the goal,” said junior Kaija Kunttu, midfielder.

This year, the Girl’s Lacrosse team is co-captained by ZCHS seniors Claudia Gehan and Claire Austin, both of whom have played lacrosse for upwards of six years. Gehan and Austin both play defense.

“As co-captain, my main job is pretty much just hyping the team up and motivating my teammates when we get into rough patches during games,” said Gehan.

Practice schedules vary week to week, often occurring four or five times. During a practice, the girls will work on their plays and technique, both offensive and defensice. The main coaches for the ZCHS Girl’s Lacrosse team are David Elefante and Laura Rogers.

“We typically practice every day after school and even Saturdays on some occasions,” said junior Ginelle Suico.

The Girl’s Lacrosse team is very close—something that tends to happen after the amount of after-school time the girls spend with one another.

“Being part of such a hardworking and diverse group of girls, out team atmosphere entails a large amount of focus and determination, but also a lot of fun and lightheartedness too,” said Suico.

She is not the only team member who believes that the team has grown closer with every practice, game, and bonding activities.

“The team is pretty close this year and that really helps us out with playing well as a unit. The team dynamics make it super fun to play,” said Gehan.

The next Varsity Girls’ Lacrosse game is this coming Thursday the 22nd, at Brebeuf.