Soda Can-spiracy

By Becka Bash, Staff

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There are three types of people in this world; those who think soda from a can tastes better, those who know soda from a fountain tastes better, and those who can’t even tell the
difference. It is my personal opinion that if the soda is in a can, it’s gross. It just doesn’t taste the same. Everything about it is just off.

Elyse Heiser, freshman, shared her opinion over her personal soda preferences.

“I think fountain drinks are better because they taste fresher,” Heiser said.

And the freshness is only just one part of the whole debate. In soda cans, the carbonation just isn’t there, which is part of what makes soda fountains so great. However, some people do think that drinks from cans are better than those from soda fountains.

Noor Abufares, freshman, is one of those people.

“I think drinks are better from a can. The main reason why is because I think that drinking from a can is a safer option,” Abufares said.

While I personally disagree, there is a point to that. People can put their hands all over the soda fountain dispenser and you never know who is mixing the soda. Another argument for the can side is that the consistency of a fountain is off, while cans maintain a consistent taste.

William Johnson, junior, said that he did notice the inconsistencies in soda fountains.

“[In a soda fountain] the CO2 could be off, or [the soda] could be watered down. And if the CO2 is off, it tastes different, and if it’s too watered down, it’s gross.” Johnson said.

Some students at ZCHS, like Amelia Winkelman, agree with what Johnson said of the fountain inconsistencies.

“I typically prefer drinks from a can because a lot of times the fountains are watered down,” Winkelman, freshman, said.

For some people though, they do not have a distinct preference on whether cans or fountains tastes better or worse. For those select few, their preference all depends on the situation.

Mara Bash, sophomore, has very specific ideas about when and where a soda can or fountain is better.

“If I’m on a boat, I like it out of a can. If I’m in a restaurant, I like it out of the fountain,” Bash said.

I personally stand by the belief soda from a fountain tastes better. If the soda is in a can, it’s flat and I feel like it takes away from the flavor. No amount of inconsistencies or health hazards will sway me from that.

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