Best Netflix Shows for you to Binge Watch during Spring Break

By Drew Cortopassi, Staff

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Spring break is just days away and if you don’t have elaborate plans in exotic places, you’re stuck here in Indiana. Other than doing the daily crossword or sleeping, there really isn’t much to do. Browsing social media is torture because nothing is worse than seeing how great of a time your friends are having without you. So, where do teenagers turn when there’s nothing else to do? Netflix. There is an abundance of brilliant shows to binge watch on Netflix during spring break, in fact, there’s almost too many to choose from. To help sift through that multitude, below is a list of the best shows to watch during your time off.

  1. Breaking Bad – Sometimes famed as the best show ever created, Breaking Bad follows the story of chemistry-teacher-turned-druglord, Walter White, on his journey through the world of methamphetamine production. This show is much more than suitable for your spring break binge.
  2. Black Mirror – Set in the future, this show explores the often-unconsidered consequences of technological advancement in society. Each episode is completely independent from the last, with different storylines and directors. It’s perfect for a low-commitment Netflix session.
  3. Mindhunter – This series is based upon the true crime story, Mindhunter. It follows the FBI’s Serial Crime Unit as they delve into the psychology of murderers in an attempt to expand criminal science. It offers a unique perspective into the minds of real-life monsters.
  4. American Vandal – This show is a parody of crime documentaries such as the hugely popular, Making a Murderer. Coined as a “mockumentary”, the series examines the aftermath of a high school prank gone wrong in a hilarious way.
  5. The End of the F***ing World – This Netflix original tells a story of teenage love with a morbid theme. The guy in the story fantasizes about killing the girl, which makes the story feel very inventive, but weirdly uncomfortable. Give it a try!


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