Awful Oscars

By Anna Murphy, Staff

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On March 4, 2018, the 90th Academy Awards Show took place. If you’re like me, you might not have even known they were airing. Last year, possibly the biggest mistake of all time ended the show when they gave the wrong movie, La La Land, the Oscar for best picture when Moonlight was the true winner. That is a moment that will forever be remembered in Hollywood history, but this year’s show had no such moment. Pretty much everyone who was supposed to win did, with no surprises, comedic moments, or memorable memes.

“I honestly didn’t even know the Oscars were on this year. I don’t think they were advertised very well, or I guess there just weren’t any big winners,” Eli Everson, sophomore said.

Of course, there were some important winners this year. Guillermo del Torro won the academy award for Best Director in 2018 for his movie The Shape of Water. This was a huge step for the awards show, as he is just the third Mexican Filmmaker to win an Oscar. He created an amazing film and received the recognition he definitely deserved. Personally, this was my favorite part of the Oscars because of his heartfelt and moving speech.

Del Torro based his acceptance speech on his experience as a Mexican American citizen living in the U.S. His powerful words about how he is an immigrant who can achieve wonderful things made me feel like this was the finest moment of the show.

But, this was pretty much the only memorable part. The rest of the winners were expected. Gary Oldman won Best Actor and Frances McDormand won Best Actress. These people definitely worked hard, don’t get me wrong! They had great performances in their films and deserved to win, but their speeches were the basic it’s an honor to be nominated, thanks to my family, blah, blah. It was what everyone expects from the Oscars, which made it a little boring.

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“To me, all the award shows are the same and every year is the same. I just didn’t enjoy them at all,” Celia Reid, sophomore said.

Overall, the Academy Awards are a great thing. They give credit where credit is due, as well as highlight some amazing performances. But when some people didn’t even know the Oscars aired, that might mean they were a bit underwhelming.

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