Millenials for the Win- or maybe not

By Claire Brewer, Staff

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Redmond “Red” Gerard is the youngest snowboarder to win gold at the Olympics for the US at seventeen years old, and his winning day was pretty hectic. Gerard woke up late because he stayed up too late the night before. Apparently, he was on a Netflix binge with a friend. He only woke up 15 minutes late, but it was enough to notice. When he finally got the move on, he found he had misplaced his jacket. Gerard borrowed his roommate, Kyle Mack’s jacket, but it was two sizes too big on him.

Despite the drawbacks that morning, Gerard prevailed in his event of snowboarding slopestyle. Seems like a win for millennials, right? According to some people, apparently not.

After winning the gold, Gerard was caught on film by the NBC network celebrating with his friend and dropping the f-bomb. He has been getting backlash about the choice words because of his apparent bad influence on the younger generations.

The backlash he is receiving is ridiculous. The kid was celebrating winning at seventeen years old with his friends. He was unaware that he was still being filmed. To say that he is a bad influence is to say he is old enough to even be a role model for kids. He is a kid himself; he does not need to be put up on a pedestal other than the one where they place the gold around his neck.

This is not even taking into account the even worse things that other Olympians have done. Shaun White, after winning the gold in his snowboarding event at this year’s Olympics, also dropped the f-bomb when he was celebrating with his dad. This shows a clear problem with the network not being able to bleep them out beforehand. Not to mention the problems that have occurred with summer Olympians. Michael Phelps was caught at a young age smoking weed, and in the summer Olympics of 2016 Ryan Lochte and two other swimmers were held at gun point because of the property damage they caused.

It really isn’t a problem with Red Gerard—it’s a problem with people blowing things way out of proportion.

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