Cats of ZCHS


Amelia Winkelman's cat, Astro

By Mari Heigl, Student Life Editor

With nearly 34 percent of U.S. households owning at least one cat, it’s no surprise that Zionsville Community High School has cat-lovers. Here are some of the cats featured in the February issue of the Harbinger along with some others.

“[My cats] once had a cat battle on my roof when they were just kittens. There was a 20 foot tree that gave great access to our roof and Starsky went up to lie in the sun. I think Hutch went to stalk him and ended up scaring him, so they had like a boxing match with their front paws while standing on their back legs. Meanwhile my family and I were outside with blankets in case they fell. Neither of them let the other get off the roof for an hour.” -Troy Michael, sophomore

“He acts like a dog. He is a Maine Coon, one of the largest cat breeds. He weighs almost 30 pounds, but is not overweight. We have trained him to sit, beg, and jump through a hoop and right now I’m working on teaching him to stay. One of his favorite things to do is chase treats down the hallway. We throw a treat, he runs after it, and once he reaches it, he will plant his front paws and his back paws will slide around. It’s really entertaining.” -Amelia Winkelman, freshman

“We went to the shelter with the intention of getting a dog and when we finally found a dog we liked, we decided to get a cat instead. So we brought the dog up to the cats to see how they reacted together. When we walked up to Romeo, he was sitting up very straight and when we brought the dog up to him, he laid down onto his side and stuck his arm out and tapped the dog on her nose. He won’t eat his food unless you watch him eat it, and he will wake you up in the middle of the night so you can watch him eat it.” Erin Watring, junior

“I have two cats, Lei and Simba, and Simba is obsessed with water. So, at night, we let a faucet drizzle so he can have fun. Last night I was taking a bath and he almost hopped in with me!” Makenna Hoftiezer, sophomore

“[Patch] is very fat, she weighs 15 pounds. She is also very antisocial, like me. She wants to be around people, but she won’t let you touch her or sit with her. Basically, she just wants to sit in the same room with you, but have nothing to do with you.” -Sam Eshenour, senior

“We could not figure out why [Gus] was so fat and so we took him to the vet and he said that he’s just thick boned and has a lot of fur. So he is not obese, he’s just thick boned.” -Paris Bristow, junior

“[James Bond] can be kind of annoying, but he’s cute so I guess it’s okay. His stupidest moment was when he ate a stretchy headband and had to have a $2,000 emergency surgery. But hey, he’s still alive. Maybe he’ll make less stupid decisions since he’s older.” -Abby Nolan, senior

“My cat Bo is half dog, I swear. He likes belly rubs, playing with water, and being with our two dogs. He’s also the laziest cat I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure he spends about 18 hours sitting and doing nothing, which I would consider a great life.” -Robert Campbell, sophomore

“[Whiskey] was my cousin’s cat, but then they got a boxer and she was not a fan, so she came to live with us. She’s a Hemingway Polydactyl, meaning she has a weird number of toes. She has seven on each of her front paws and five on each back paw for a total of 24. Her front paws basically look like she has big mittens on.” -Morgen Roberts, junior

“[Cubbie] really wants to go outside, but he’s an indoor cat so he’ll wait by the door and meow. About once a week, he’ll escape and it’s awful because it’s like 10 degrees and pitch black outside so me and my parents have to like crawl under our deck to try and get him.” -Bella Valli, senior

“I got her when she was four weeks old. A lady trapped her brother and her mom who was a stray, and I fostered her for a few months before I adopted her. My favorite thing about her is how loud she purrs and she’s really fluffy. It’s comical sometimes. She also sleeps in the sink and likes to drink the water when the tap is on. The other day I put her in a build-a-bear box and her head stuck out of the hole on the side. I also stick her in my hoodie sometimes and carry her around and it looks like I’m pregnant.” Paige Atkinson, sophomore