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Delaney (right) and Katey (left) 
Photo courtesy of Delaney Richason

Delaney (right) and Katey (left) Photo courtesy of Delaney Richason

Delaney (right) and Katey (left) Photo courtesy of Delaney Richason

Delaney (right) and Katey (left) Photo courtesy of Delaney Richason

By Erin Patterson, Sports Editor

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Assist – to help someone by doing a share of the work.

In their family and teams alike, trust and helping others is something that is just second nature to the Richason sisters.

Look in the stands at any Zionsville High School girl’s basketball game and you will see parents, grandparents, and other family members filling the Zionsville section of the bleachers to the brim. At the end of the game when the Eagles are dribbling a game out, that’s who is clapping in sync. When the referee makes a suspect call, that’s who is giving them an earful. When a game goes horribly wrong, that’s who’s there to support the players.

One couple in the stands is none other than Delaney and Katey Richason’s grandparents, Stephen and Peg Patrick. They are finally getting the chance to see their two granddaughters play together, a moment they have been waiting for.

“This is an opportunity we have waited for about 10 years. We knew it could happen, it should happen and now is happening. Now we feel pride and happiness,” the Patricks said.

Junior Delaney and freshman Katey are finally getting the chance to play on the same basketball team after many years separated playing on different AAU and club basketball teams. Now that they are playing on the same court in the same location, their grandparents come whenever they can.

“I think they’ve always just wanted us to play together and they love watching us. It’s obviously easier because they don’t have to go to two different games. They like to see us on the court because, you know, we fight at home but on the court we just play together,” Delaney said.

Play together they do, and Katey knows how long her grandparents have been waiting to see that happen.

“They’ve been waiting for this for a long time for us to go to high school together and we’ve definitely come closer together ever since we started playing,” Katey said.

Delaney is averaging 10.6 points per game, six rebounds, and three assists for the 17 and 5 Eagles. For her younger sister Katey though, averaging nine points, six rebounds, and two assist per game, watching Delaney lead her teammates in an unconventional way is something that has helped her grow on and off the court and has helped build trust between the two.

“She can be a leader without trying to tell everyone what to do. She always knows what’s going on and she knows every position on the court and can play any position,” Katey said.

The feeling is mutual between the two when it comes to confidence in each other.

“I’ve learned to trust Katey more. I’ve never gotten to play with her at this level, and so no matter how much I watch her it’s not the same as playing with her. I’ve learned to trust her and I know she can play really well and get the ball in her hands and she’ll do just fine,” Delaney said.

Those qualities are exactly what their grandparents say are the most important to have, explaining how sports teaches so much more than just how to play the sport.

“It has taught them sportsmanship and respect for all persons involved in all sports. It has taught them self-discipline, better health habits, adult communication skills, goal setting and to learn success and accept failures in life,” the Patricks said.


Delaney (right) and Katey (left)
Photo courtesy of Delaney Richason

The Zionsville girl’s basketball team has a chance to win a third straight sectional title this year and more specifically this week. If they do, it will be the first time ever in Zionsville girl’s basketball history. So go check them out before the season is over, and don’t forget to take a peak at all of the family there cheering them on and the sister duo that embodies it on the court. Because at the end of the day, as the Patricks said, “your family is your reality”.


The Lady Eagles play tonight at Logansport at 6. Championship game is on Saturday, Feb. 3 at 7:30.

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