Team of the Month: Wrestling

By Tyler Gutwein, Staff

The Zionsville wrestling team has worked their tails off and their progress is showing it. This year, the ZCHS wrestling team has six seniors: Matthias Einterz, Brian Fuller, John and Sam Gobeyn, Thomas Penola, and Kody Wagner. This still means that there are a lot of weight classes that are covered by underclassmen.

It takes a lot of heart for a lot of these guys and their hard work shows on the mat. An example of this was at the Eagle Invite, where Penola faced the number one wrestler at the 195 weight class. Penola may have lost the match, but he never gave up and seemed to have tired the former state runner up at 182.

The Gobeyn brothers are two very good scramblers and know how to change position very well. They can get to their feet quickly and, when given space, can be two of the most dangerous wrestlers on the team.

Brian Fuller is on of the lighter heavyweights in the state, but don’t count him out because of weight. He is a very strong wrestler and uses his speed to beat other wrestlers.

Kody Wagner is always on the attack and looking to strike. He is one of the many Wagner’s who have/currently wrestle. He is one guy who beats you up mentally through all six minutes of a match.

Matthias Einterz, who normally wrestles at the 220 class, broke his hand early in the season. However, when he returns, he is expected to contribute a lot of points to the Zionsville lineup. He is also one of the stronger wrestlers on the team.

Thomas Penola is ranked number three in the state by Indiana Mat. Penola’s hand fight really sets him apart from the rest of the state. He also uses his conditioning to wear people out and he has shown how good of a wrestler he really is. Penola has committed to wrestle at Purdue University.