Show Choir’s Holiday Home Tour

By Anna Murphy, Staff

To kick off this holiday season, Zionsville High School’s very own show choir participated in the Holiday Home Tour tradition on Saturday, December 2. Royalaires, Choralaires, and Jazz Band alike worked hard for months on end to perfect their individual songs to perform in various homes around the Zionsville community.

“It was really fun to listen to all of my friends sing and greet all of the people in the community coming to support Zionsville show choirs!” said Sophie Stapp, junior Royalaire.

The annual “Carol of the Homes” this year was a smashing success between all of the talented singers and musicians. Lots of Zionsville citizens bought tickets to support the performers at six different homes, making the experience one to remember for both the students and the audience.

“My group and I had a lot of fun at the Holiday Home Tour! It was a new, cool, and exciting experience for me. We got to perform with lots of really talented people who worked really hard to perfect their act,” said Ellie Jensen, sophomore Choralaire.

The Carol of the Homes was a great event that helped raise money for the Zionsville show choir and their upcoming competition season. The performers put on an amazing show, and the town of Zionsville all enjoyed some beautiful music.

“The Holiday Home Tour was a great cause and super fun to participate in. My first year […] was really fun!” said Jensen.