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Senior Privileges

By Kailie Howe, Staff

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Senior privileges started at the end of September, which means seniors have been venturing off of campus for lunch. However, there is a catch: they only have 30 minutes to drive, eat, and get back to school. This can be a challenge for some students so I’ve come up with a list of places close enough so you can skip the cafeteria food and eat like royalty.

We have the advantage of having many options close to the school. For example, Happy Kitchen and Amore Pizzeria are exactly 1 mile from the high school in Boone Village. Noble Roman’s is 1.3 miles away, and if you’re running on a tight budget, McDonalds is only 1.2 miles away. It takes approximately 5 minutes to get to each of these four places, which means you don’t have to be rushing to make the bell.

“I went to Noble Romans because the #1 is the best deal in town and fills you up proper. I was on time to my next class,” said Andrew Redman, senior.

If you want to venture out further than a one-mile radius, then you will have to rush but it can be done. A few students have already been many miles off campus. Like, Panda Express which is 5.6 miles away, Wendy’s is 3.7 miles away, Which Wich which is 4.7 miles away, and Qdoba which is 4.4 miles away.

“Hannah Lewis and I went to the Panera in trader’s point. It was good to get away from the school and we even made it back on time,” said Emma Bellefuil, senior.

Other option you have rather than going off campus is ordering food to be delivered. An app called Doordash makes it possible to have a driver pick up food from anywhere and bring it to you. It’s almost like a food delivery Uber drive.

There are many options for your Wednesday lunch now that you have an idea of places to go. Senior privileges are great for ZCHS students, but making it back to class on time is important, so be sure to pick a place close enough to school.

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