Football Regional Recap

By Tyler Gutwein, Staff

The Zionsville Eagles lost their regional championship game against Kokomo 33-21 on Friday, Nov. 10. The fight by both teams was evident throughout the game. Zionsville got out to a quick start, scoring 21 unanswered points. However, Kokomo responded in the second quarter, scoring 14 unanswered, to take the game into halftime. Players Cole Wiseman and Joel Decoursey both had to exit the game early due to injury.

The second half rolled around and Kokomo got started quick, making the game 21-21. Zionsville continued to struggle at moving the football down the field, ultimately having to punt and giving the football back to the Wildkats. Then, Kokomo went on to run down the clock and the whole plan was successful as they kept Zionsville’s offense, who was waiting to come back onto the field, off of the field. Kokomo scored a touchdown but missed the extra point, making the game a six point contest at 27-21. Giving Zionsville some hope, they started moving the ball slowly. However, Zionsville could not capitalize and Kokomo scored once more to make the final score 33-21.

Kokomo’s Quarterback Kyle Wade ended up rushing for 123 yards on 20 carries. Wade completed nine out of 13 pass attempts for 94 yards.

Zionsville’s Cole Wiseman completed seven out of 13 passes for 86 yards. Sam Monachino went nine out of 20 when passing for 72 yards.

All statistics were obtained through CBS MaxPreps Inc.