Club Spotlight: Zionsville Young Democrats

By Catie Shultz, Staff

The Zionsville Young Democrats Club is a program at ZCHS that focuses on building political activism and awareness for progressive issues that take place today. The Young Democrats are associated with Zionsville’s local party organization, the Boone County Democrats, and have met with many elected officials on both the state and national levels.

“As a club, we want to better our community through civic engagement, community service, and outstanding citizenship,”  Ali Hasan said. Hasan, a high school senior, has been a member of the Young Democrats for two years.

The Young Democrats tackle issues such as gun control and LGBT rights by holding open discussions where members are able to discuss their views and experiences in a healthy and stimulating environment. Debates and discussions are common activities at a Young Democrats Club meeting.

“Many of our meetings are structured around one topic and we will have a discussion the entire time. It is very member led and we will often have a powerpoint that leads that discussion,” junior Miranda Silverman, a first-year member of the Young Democrats club said.

The Young Democrats are always looking for more ways to be involved within ZCHS as well as the community. This ideal is reflected in their tenacity in creating projects that work to influence local government.

“Our first major project is going to focus on voter registration and spreading awareness about the importance of voting in a democracy, no matter the party [affiliation]” Hasan said.

Young Democrats Club meets every other week on the first and third Thursday of the month. The next Young Democrats meeting is November 2. They welcome all grades and opinions and invite all students to join in for a discussion or involvement in a project.