The Sprinkler System Situation

The Sprinkler System Situation

By Ethan Moore, News Editor

There was no missing the heat wave that swept the Midwest the week before last. With an average high temperature of around 88 degrees Fahrenheit, most students avoided going outside as much as possible. It was not too terribly difficult to remain indoors, for most. That is, however, until the middle of second period on Wednesday, September 20, when the fire alarm sounded, forcing the entirety of the school outside.  

“I was in AP Physics and I was anticipating a lab when the fire alarm went off. My first thought was ‘who set the school on fire,’ and then I walked out of the school,” said sophomore Peggy Brooks.

The fire alarms went off due to an issue with the sprinkler system, which was caused by an incident in the boys’ Advanced Physical Conditioning locker room. A few students had made their combination locks into a chain that was attached to a sprinkler head located in the locker room. After being instructed to remove it, a student accidentally broke the head off of the sprinkler, which disrupted the integrity of the system, causing the fire alarms to sound.

Due to the fire code, nobody was allowed inside of the building, forcing students and administrators alike to remain outside in the heat. The student body was escorted to the football stadium after being outside for around an hour.

“It was quite sunny and I was wearing a hoodie, but I didn’t take it off until we were at the stadium because I realized that we were going to be out there for a while. The real issue for me was how bright it was, rather than how hot it was,” said Brooks.

Around noon, the school buses arrived, allowing the administrators to begin early dismissal. Students were able to be escorted back inside the building by firemen in order to collect their belongs and then be dismissed.