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The Happiness Club

By Kieran Shay, Graphic Designer/Staff Member

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Everybody knows that high school isn’t always a fun, stress-free environment. Sometimes the pressure of coursework and extracurriculars gets to be too much. However, there is a silver lining to this situation.

At ZCHS, Happiness Club is a club that is devoted to spreading happiness around the school. Miss Waldron started the club toward the end of last year after seeing a number of students that were stressed out.  Happiness Club prides itself on being a place where people can relax and hang out with their friends. The club’s goal is to help high school students and reduce stress, especially around the end of the semester, when finals are beginning.

“The more people in the club, the more happiness we can spread,” said club president Lauren Bender. “If everyone in the club is happy, and we do things to make everyone else happy, hopefully school can be a little more enjoyable.”

Each month, Happiness Club has a different activity. Last month, there were positive chalk messages on the sidewalks, and this month the club threw a party with board games for the exchange students.

“I hope that throughout the year we can help students learn better techniques to deal with their stress, and hopefully bring awareness to the importance of taking care of your mental health,” said club member Peyton Eber.

The Happiness Club meets once a month on Wednesday after school.

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