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What is Extended Experiences?

By Lucas Beck, Staff

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Extended Experiences is about connecting kids with what their interests and passions are.” That is what Mrs. Adelpha Twyman from the Student Union says is the main goal of this resource. In a nutshell, Extended Experiences allows for students to connect with people in certain professions to “extend” their experience and knowledge of that said profession.

“For example, if a student comes in and says that they are interested in becoming a nurse, it is my responsibility to go out and find that resource where the student could talk to them or even shadow them!” said Twyman. “This year, we have added ‘resident experts’, which are people who are experienced experts who work with students to find what they would like to do. All of us work together, but when it comes to students specifying their areas, then the resident experts are the people who will help advance them further on.” 

Twyman believes the Extended Experiences program has been extremely successful so far.

“This resource is gaining more and more momentum with students wanting to be engaged earlier and earlier,” Twyman said.

This school year is only the second year of operations and 35-40 kids have already been involved, whether that means shadowing or just talking with a professional. Advertising and spreading the word about this opportunity has also helped the success of Extended Experiences.

“I advertise to let kids know that we have this resource available,” Twyman said. “I just went and spoke to the juniors and the freshmen this past week and I will get to the sophomores and seniors after Labor Day.”

The list of companies/organizations that Extended Experiences is currently involved with is quite impressive. Eli Lilly, Smart Neurology, IUPUI, IU Family Practice, St. Vincent Outpatient Clinic, Zionsville Monthly, Walgreens, Z-Works, Zionsville Animal Clinic, and Master Piece & Companies are just a portion of the organizations currently working with Extended Experiences. Twyman has high hopes for the success of Extended Experiences in the future.

“I see it growing exponentially, because who doesn’t want to put the practical application of what you’re learning in the classroom to use?” Twyman said. “I only see more and more students using this resource.”

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