Up With People visits ZCHS

By Addie Ashton, Staff

Up with People, a group of young adults dedicated to travelling the globe to expose other young people to different cultures, ways of thinking, and ideas, was invited to ZCHS to talk to our students about their thoughts on the world.

A representative of Up with People, who asked not to be named, discussed how they really had just four goals of their program.

“We love going around to different places to talk to you guys, and we have a couple of ‘main goals’, if you will. The first one is to try to increase the levels of respect and dignity towards everyone, regardless of race, age, or anything like that. We want to show you guys that you can make an impact on the world around you, even if you’re one person. One of our biggest goals is to end up building a huge network of people across the world who are open to new ideas, cultures, and have a mutual respect for one another,” said the Up with People student.

After the conclusion of the day, however, some parents had some concerns about the program and the topics discussed. Specifically, the questions involving world peace.

“I really didn’t think it was a big deal, but it was kind of extreme when they asked if you would kill a baby for world peace. It made you think, but I could see why it would be a little concerning for parents or staff,” Katie Anderson, senior, said.