New Program Allows ZCHS Students to Become Math Tutors


By Marillyn Heigl, Student Life Editor

For anyone who is looking for service hours or who enjoys math, some ZCHS students have come up with an activity worth looking into.

The idea formed when a number of students began discussing that less and less people enjoy math as they get older, despite how important it still is. As a way to address this issue, they decided to work with younger students at the critical learning age to set the course for the rest of their life.

This opportunity allows plenty of flexibility, as students are able to chose how many and which days they will work. Options for working are all weekdays with tutoring hours from four to five, rotating through all five elementary schools and both middle schools.

“Since the elementary schools stopped giving homework this year, we are still working out the exact activities we want to do with the kids, but we try to play games related to math that make it more fun and interactive,” Olivia Duncan, junior, who works with kindergarteners, said.

Activities can vary from helping with homework, teaching group lessons on difficult topics, or playing math enrichment games to create a greater understanding of math early on.

“The one thing I enjoy most about the program is seeing the look on a young boy or girl’s face as they figure out a tough multiplication problem or come to understand how to add fractions. Moments like these make every hour that goes into planning and coordinating worth it,” Cam Harmon, senior, one of the founding members of this group, said.

If you are interested in becoming a math tutor for younger students, you can go talk to Mr. Moser in room 205 for more information.