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Air Conditioning Catastrophe

Students are stuck in a sauna for 7 hours and are unhappy about it.

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Air Conditioning Catastrophe

By Marillyn Heigl, Student Life Editor

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Anyone who has recently been in the high school, student or faculty, has noticed how hot it has been in the high school. This is not the first time this has happened before, as the air conditioning has broken on multiple occasions, however Monday, August 21 was extremely hard to endure.

There are some of students found it difficult to concentrate because of the heat, but luckily found ways to get by.

“The temperature in the school is just ridiculous. It’s sticky and humid and not a good temperature for a learning environment. The best decision I ever made was to bring a fan to my classes. I just plugged it in and boom, I could finally learn again. It’s in my car just in case Zionsville turns into a sauna again,” Claire Austin, senior, said.

Unfortunately for other students, there was nothing to do but brave the heat.

“I almost passed out during math class. Extreme heat plus implicit differentiation do not make a good combination,” Celia Casciani, senior, said.

Not only can students feel overheated, but they can also often feel freezing, especially in the winter time.

“In the winter time, the Freshman Center is like Indiana because the temperature changes every day and the high school is like the North Pole,” Davis Judd, senior, said.

All jokes aside, students have been frustrated enough with the situation that action has now been taken. Garrett Anderson, senior, sent Dr. Robinson and the members of the ZCHS administration an email about the conditions in the high school.

“I would like to point out the fact that the temperature of the high school has reached a point where it is creating a learning environment that is unfit for the students’ safety, health, and educational experience… This is an ongoing problem that seems to have been overlooked by administration. This environment that has been created within the school is also not in accordance with Indiana code 410 IAC 33-4-4, which clearly states that the building should not exceed 78 degrees and 65 percent humidity, both of which were surely met and surpassed in the building today… [On behalf of the student body] we would like to request that you, as an administrative team, take the necessary actions to repair the HVAC system, expedite the repair process, and turn the HVAC on,” Anderson said.

As a short term solution, the high school has put big fans in certain hallways that make the hallways much more endurable heat wise, but take up a lot of space and do not affect classroom temperature.

As this problem affects the entire student body and faculty, this is a problem that many are hoping is addressed and repaired soon.


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