Pennies for Patients


By Ethan Moore, Staff

Pennies for Patients started Friday, Mar. 10. The annual fundraiser is for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, in order to raise money for patients undergoing treatment and their family. The money is used to help those families be able to buy necessities that they may not be able to afford due to the often high prices of Chemo and Radiation treatments.

“Pennies for Patients was a really great opportunity to be a part of for the first time. I loved seeing the classes come together to raise money for such a good cause,” Jillian Cawi, freshman student council representative, said. 

The school collected donations from students’ fourth-period classes. Each class was presented with a goal of $10 per person. The three class with the most donations raised per person will receive a pizza party. Additionally, every class who met their goal was entered into a raffle for the chance of a fourth pizza party.

In addition to the chance at pizza, student council and other teachers added many other incentives to make it easy for students to want to donate. Student Council sponsored a school-wide March Madness bracket league, with a $5 dollar donation as an entry fee. This year, student council added a new event to support the fundraiser. The school’s first euker tournament was hosted on Mar. 16. The entrance fee is $5 as well. All proceeds from both events go towards the school’s total donation. Teacher Bob Brennan sold raffle tickets for a dollar each. The raffle was for an Ellipsis 10 tablet.

“Thank you to everyone who helped out this year,” Cawi said.