Zionsville Murder

An 80-year-old man was killed this past Wednesday in his driveway.

Credit to Fox 59

By Marillyn Heigl, Opinion Editor

Around 12:50, the familiar beep of the start of an announcement interrupted class in the middle of fifth period. Tim East informed us that there was a shooting nearby and that we were on lockdown.

“I was actually at the middle school for cadet teaching when we were put on lockdown. Apparently, middle schoolers don’t do too well on lockdown. They asked all sorts of questions and a couple thought we were going to die,” Camryn Adkinson, senior, said.

At approximately 12:48, a man in a white Chevy Impala shot and killed John Clements, 82, who was on his driveway only half a mile away from the high school. When emergency personnel arrived Clements was still breathing but died at Saint Vincent’s hospital in Marion County.

This only the second murder to occur in Zionsville’s history.  Before the homicide of Janice Willey in 1997, Zionsville had a 144-year history of no murders.

Then early this year on February 17, Lucius Oliver Hamilton III killed Katherine Janet Giehll and her four-year-old son, Raymond Peter Giehll IV, in their home on Old Hunt Club Road. Police discovered that Hamilton killed Giehll and her son over money in a family trust fund.

As of now, the murderer who killed Clements this past Wednesday has not been caught but police are still carrying out the investigation.

Due to things like this happening in Zionsville and other places all over the world, some people like Karen Canfield think nowhere is completely safe anymore.

“I honestly think there is no place fully safe any longer. It will take all of us looking out for each other to keep towns like Zionsville as safe as they can be in a broken world,” Canfield said.

But despite all this, that does not mean Zionsville cannot come together as a community to make it as safe as possible.

“Zionsville has changed for me after this murder, but I refuse to let my attitude change. Each one of us can make a positive impact to keep each other safe and watch out for each other to make this town better than it is right now,” Canfield said.