Unbiased Review: Waist Trainer

Waist trainers; are they worth it?

Unbiased Review: Waist Trainer

By Kelly Garcia, Assistant Web Editor

After I wrote my story for the print issue of the Harbinger, I began to wonder, what is the big deal with the waist trainers? The Kardashians have really influenced the female population in thinking that they need this item in their wardrobe. I know that there are a lot of health concerns that come along with wearing a waist trainer, a lot of the companies advise users to “begin wearing the corset 2-4 hours per day” in the first few weeks. So, I gave it a go.

I went to Walgreens and bought a “Miss Belt” waist trainer. It was $19.98, which happened to be a lot cheaper than buying one online. Once I got home, I put it on and obviously, immediately noticed a difference in the size of my waist. It was not “uncomfortable” by any means. And then 15 minutes passed by and I started to get sick of it. It constrained a lot of my movement and made it really uncomfortable for me to complete simple tasks. After about an hour, my torso started to sweat (due to the latex used to hold the torso in place).  I have really sensitive skin, so the sweat and latex got itchy really fast. I took it off after about an hour and a half a decided to come back to it later.

I came back to it the next morning and wore it while doing my makeup and hair. I tried it again and was hoping for a better experience, but it still ended up being the same. Due to the latex, it ended up causing a rash on my torso. I also could tell, obviously, where my breathing was being constricted. This concept is not worth it and it does not work. I continued wearing it to see if my torso would “hold” a given shape and it did not and will not. So, do yourself a favor, do not WAIST your money.