But the Children Love the Books: The Diviners

Welcome back to our book review! We hope that you will be intrigued and go pick up these amazing books!

By Lindsay Herhusky, Sports Editor

Are you looking for an amazing novel that has the perfect mix of suspense and mystery? This book has a very unique setting and plot that really draws readers in. The Diviners, by Libba Bray is an incredibly written book about a girl named Evie O’Niell, who goes to live with her uncle in Manhattan, and stumbles into something major that she could never have seen coming.

A student here at Zionsville Community High School read this book and thought it was a really good read.

“I read The Diviners, a while ago, and it was so good. I can’t wait to read the next two books in the series,” Jordan Humphreys, junior, said.

This book takes place in the 1920’s, and it has a The Great Gatsby, feel; the short bob haircuts, the underground speakeasies and dancers. This book sets the mood perfectly and the reader is transported to this time with the characters. New York was the city to be in, and Evie loves spending her nights in the speakeasies, until everyone starts to get uneasy. There are a lot of murders that are starting to frighten the citizens of Manhattan. The murders seem to be connected, and the New York Police ask for her uncle’s help in solving the case, because he is a museum curator and knows the history of “the seven deadly sins”. The murderer seems to be targeting certain people that can be associated with these sins like gluttony and adultery. The story develops, and Evie begins to get pulled into the chaos. This is when Evie realizes something about herself… what that is exactly I can not say. Read this book and find out!

The story also focuses on a different side of the story, the murders themselves. The reader is given a little more information than the characters which adds to the suspense. The killer is not necessarily the crime lord of Manhattan. At the beginning of the book a spirit is released, the spirit of Naughty John.

With this new supernatural twist the book gets incredibly eerie, and readers love it.

” [A] lavish supernatural thriller…Wisecracking Evie is a likable heroine, and all signs point to intriguing complications and more malevolent spirits on the rise in succeeding books,” The Horn Book, said.

This book is extremely interesting and highly recommended.

“The Diviners delivers an addictive and terrifying story of young New Yorkers investigating a rash of occult-based murders. Bray sustains a breathless energy throughout this ambitious series-starter, deftly evoking the exuberance of 1920s city life and the evil lurking beneath it,” Entertainment Weekly, said.

The Diviners, is a longer book, but it is worth it. Every page draws the reader in, and the suspense keeps building until the reader is on the edge of their seat. This book is great for a nice sit down and get busy read. And hey, now that it is summer, there is time to read and enjoy it!